Man sustains serious head injuries during town centre fight

29 October 2011

Police were called to an incident on Oxford Street in Harrogate at 4:10am on 29th October 2011.

A group of males were fighting and during the incident, one  sustained a serious head injury and was subsequently taken to Harrogate Hospital for treatment.

The 35-year-old injured man had been assaulted by the same person in Rehab on Parliament Street earlier in the night, although not seriously.

The police have one male in custody and are appealing for witnesses to the incident to come forward.

An area on Oxford Street around the Harrogate Theatre and M&S has remained closed off this morning as investigations have taken place.

If you have any information in connection with this incident then please call North Yorkshire Police on 0845 6060 247 giving reference nyp29102011-0095

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  1. Is this not a sign that late night liscencing is not working? we used to have a bit of noise at kick out time where as now there is noise between 12 and 6am as the idiots go home. Ive seen them swinging from the various building work being done at the HIC in the small hours of the morning and it was lucky non of them were seriously injured.

  2. Harrogate needs to impose a city centre drinking ban. As a visitor, I was amazed to see a group of teenagers sat drinking by the war memorial in the afternoon and they had a number of cases of lager with them. Is that the kind of image that Harrogate wants visitors to take away?

  3. Well Harrogate did invest quite a bit of money doing up the ‘Library Drunks Area’ when they did the Library up so that they would have some where to gather/hang out Whilst waiting for Waitrose / ASDA to stock up on more cheap booze.

    I am impressed they have not built a shealter near the one arch for the second generation of booze hounds that hang out there as I guess it’s a bit far for them to walk from ASDA to the library drunks area.

    Yes…. Harrogate does have a rep for drunks!!! – I guess that could be the next advert campain for Harrogate….. cheap booze and outdoor seats for all drunks – lol

  4. I live in Harrogate and try to avoid places such as Rehab (& Moko) as this is always where there is trouble, having been assaulted in both for no reason. You’d think the licenses of these establishments would be withdrawn as its always the same ones where the trouble occurs. Then again when you look at the sentences the offenders receive when they actually get caught its a joke, no wonder it carries on when they get off virtually scott free even when they do get caught.
    That said to the post above, I see no reason people should not be allowed to drink moderately and sensibly on the Stray when looking to enjoy a nice summers day, it used to be really nice about 15 years ago, before the explosion of the number of pubs in the town centre. It just needs clamping down on those who spoil it for everyone else

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