Law firm opens doors to the community

27 October 2011

A growing Harrogate law firm is offering businesses and community groups an extra meeting space free of charge.

Jarvis Family Law relocated to a new base at Mitre House on North Park Road earlier this year, providing the practice’s ten staff with modern, air-conditioned offices complete with a spacious meeting room.

But, even though the team can now boast space for confidential consultation – vital to a legal firm which specialises in family law – the meeting room is sometimes vacant.

Jarvis Family Law team in the meeting room


Managing partner Jackie Nicholson:

The idea that we should offer it to other businesses and organisations stemmed from our own experience before we moved offices of not having a separate room to use for meetings as we were using all available space.

You end up being hemmed in by desks and filing cabinets, which can feel a little claustrophobic.

A meeting room with space to breathe can be a big help and sometimes a different environment can be an inspiration for fresh thinking.

We’re also hoping it’ll be a useful resource for small businesses which don’t have a meeting room. If they need somewhere to meet a client or plan a business strategy, we hope a room here will be useful.

With regard to community groups, of course we have to bear in mind Mitre House is a working environment so we’re not really geared to cater for children, for example. However, if there are charitable organisations out there struggling to find a meeting place, we would be happy to hear from them to see if we can help.

Mitre House offers free parking and the meeting room can seat around a dozen people in comfort. It is equipped to cater for most of the technology used for presentations, seminars or workshops and tea and coffee are included.

Jackie added:

It’s good to be able to offer a free meeting room back to the community we serve but it’s also a good use of our resources; we have a room to heat and light anyway so making sure it’s put to good use also makes sense from an environmental point of view.

Businesses interested in finding out more can contact Jarvis Family Law on 01423 858582 or by emailing



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