Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell

Crime-fighting highlighted in national report

20 October 2011

North Yorkshire and the City of York remains one of the safest and lowest crime area in the country.

This was confirmed today (Thursday 20 October 2011) with the publication of the Home Office Statistical Bulletin ‘Crime in England and Wales: Quarterly Update to June 2011’ and the British Crime Survey (BCS) data.

The figures showed that overall crime had fallen slightly by 0.58% (243 crimes) with a total of 41,605.

Burglary was down by 3.38% (208 crimes to 5,419 in total), with decreases in dwelling burglaries (3.17% or 63 crimes) and 4.21% decrease (145 offences) in non-domestic burglary.

Vehicle crime was down 13.06% – 436 offences, 3,343 in total.

There was a reduction in robbery by 4.61%, which equates to 10 offences with a total of 207.

Criminal damage saw a reduction of 8.71% or 649 offences, with a total of 7,451.

Theft increased by 5.85% (745 crimes to 12,746 in total).

There was a increase in overall violent crimes by 1.46% (117 crimes, 8,008 in total) of which crimes with injury stayed the same (4,161 in total), whilst those violent crimes resulting in no injury, such as public order and harassment, increased by 3.14% or 121 offences, with a total of 3,847.

Sex offences were up by 4.55% (27 crimes, 598 in total), of which a high number were historical offences where victims have only recently come forward to the police. Rises in reported sex offences are generally welcomed a sign of confidence in the police to deal with such offences.

Drug offences increased by 19.65% during this period (422 crimes, 2,149 in total) which reflects the proactive police activity to clamp down on drug dealers and producers around the force. This has been particularly evident in Selby where Operation Orate saw the closure of a series of cannabis farms in the area.

The BCS results were once again very encouraging for North Yorkshire Police, demonstrating that Safer Neighbourhoods policing is making a significant contribution to improve the quality of life in our communities.

They showed that confidence in North Yorkshire Police and local councils to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour has risen from 52.7% to 55.73% since last year.

Sixty percent of residents that were surveyed agreed that North Yorkshire Police as a single organisation deals with local concerns – a rise from 58.3% last year.

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell (pictured right) said:


The latest Home Office crime bulletin and British Crime Survey once again demonstrates the high level of service North Yorkshire Police and our partners deliver to our communities and the sheer commitment of everyone to tackle crime head on.

The fact that North Yorkshire and the City of York remains one of the safest and low-crime area in the country is very satisfying indeed. Performance has continued to improve in current financial year with crime on a steady downward trend.

It is also highly pleasing that residents have confidence and trust in Safer Neighbourhoods policing and recognise that we are working hard alongside councils to tackle the crime and anti-social behaviour issues that matter most to them. The continued support and engagement from residents is absolutely key to successful policing, and here in North Yorkshire and York we are very fortunate that local people genuinely care about their neighbourhoods and are willing to get involved in community matters. I want to pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude for this valued support.


Despite the national squeeze on police funding, Mr Maxwell said North Yorkshire Police is on a sound financial and operational footing thanks to the hard work to restructure the organisation.

He added:

Make no mistake, the past year has been extremely challenging as we faced up to the reality of the impending cuts in central Government funding, albeit from a position of strength due to the work during the past four years to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

To make the necessary savings we have streamlined many of our operations including centralising the Force Control Room in York. A new shift system for our officers and staff has also been introduced which, more than ever, places people in the right place at the right time according to demand and community priorities.

This means that our response and approach to dealing with incidents is increasingly efficient as reflected by the performance results.

However, this is no time complacency. I give my assurance that North Yorkshire Police will do everything in its power to keep our communities safe and secure.


Jane Kenyon, Chairman of the Police Authority said:

The report is further confirmation of the hard work and dedication afforded by officers and staff of North Yorkshire Police, keeping our communities safe and free from harm day in and day out. These results were presented to the Authority members at the end of September, so whilst it was of little surprise, it is incredibly pleasing to see them recognised in a national context.

For North Yorkshire to remain one of the safest policing areas in England and Wales is absolute testament to not only the service, but also residents and other partner agencies such as the Fire Service and Local Authorities who have all worked tirelessly together in these unprecedented economic times.

It has been a challenge, but both the Strategic Leadership Team and members of the Authority have worked to ensure that the best possible policing service can still be delivered, and will continue to be into the future.


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