135th anniversary for St Peter’s Church

10 October 2011

On Monday 3rd October on the 135th anniversary of the Consecration of St Peter’s the foundation stone of the new building was laid by the Mayor of Harrogate.

The Church is expected to reopen before Christmas with the new parts of the building expected to be in full use in the new year.

In 2007 they decided to redevelop the magnificent Victorian church building in the centre of Harrogate in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century. They wanted to ‘open up the building to let the world see in and enable us to extend their vision.’

They have a wide range of service opportunities, catering for every taste on Sundays and throughout the week and with a growing  congregation.

Every morning (except on Sundays) they run a  Breakfast Club feeds those who are homeless or in need, and they hand out food parcels daily in the late afternoon.

The money was raised by donation, grants from various bodies and trusts and legacy’s. The total cost of the project is £2.25 million.

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