Pet owners asked to sign on-line fireworks packaging petition

4 October 2011

Dan SyrettA Harrogate dog owner is urging dog and cat lovers across the country to sign to an on-line petition calling for firework manufacturers to carry information about pet safety both on-line and on their packaging.

Dan Syrett (pictured right), from Franklin Road, has already won the support of animal healthcare company Ceva; animal charities Blue Cross and Wood Green Animal Shelter; celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, author and model Jilly Johnson and scores of vets.

Research indicates that more than 80 per cent of pet owners in the UK have a cat or dog that is afraid of fireworks. Dan, who owns a 13-year-old Spaniel called Louis, hopes that if the petition – posted on the Government’s website – reaches 100,000 signatures, time will be set aside for it to be debated in the House of Commons.

He said:

It’s a fact that the majority of dogs in this country are scared stiff by fireworks. I know of dogs who have prescription medication to calm them around November 5th and others who shake and hide when they hear the explosions.

Our aim is for it to become mandatory for fireworks packaging and websites to carry ‘pet safety’ information.

This can be similar to messages found on cigarette packets to more detailed advice on their websites.

Dan added:

By following some simple guidelines, pet owners can ensure their dogs and cats are kept safe whilst public and private displays are in full swing.

The petition isn’t contentious. It just calls on the fireworks industry to recognize its responsibilities with regards to domestic pets. It’s their duty of care to publish this information.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said:

So many pet owners are oblivious to the devastating and traumatic effect that fireworks have on their beloved animals, and this warning can only help reduce their stress and suffering.

My two Staffords used to go into shake, rattle and roll mode and hide in the shower.

Both needed sedatives and so did I.

Jilly Johnson, who owns two Great Danes, said:

November 5th is very difficult for all pet owners – we don’t want to be kill joys, but it is important that kids, parents and all humans respect the fact that pets are particularly vulnerable at this time.

Boris and Bertie have Valerian also, and I don’t let them in garden without leads for their own wellbeing and peace of mind.

The petition, found at, reads: “More than 80 per cent of pet owners have a pet that is afraid of fireworks. Fireworks manufacturers need to accept their responsibilities in this and publicise pet safety information on packaging and on their websites. We, the undersigned, call on the Government to make this a mandatory requirement.”

Information about pet safety around fireworks is available from



  1. Every nov 5 my dog would hide in a cupboard which I cleared and put his bed in. He was nervy for about a week.I tried masking the noise but it made no difference .By new year it would start again as our neighbours celebrated with fireworks. We also had a dog that loved bonfire night and would join in and eat sausages..was not phased at all !

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