Harrogate Chiropractor Selected for National Role at Labour Party Conference

25 September 2011

A chiropractor and wellness expert from Harrogate will be at this week’s Labour Party Conference after being selected to play a leading role in an industry wide campaign to raise awareness of health and lifestyle issues.

Debbie Saxton, partner at the Family Chiropractic Centre on Leeds Road in Harrogate, will represent the United Chiropractic Association at the conference in Liverpool this week where she will meet delegates to offer lifestyle advice and discuss ways of reducing sickness absence in the workplace.

She said the chiropractic profession had seen a major shift in emphasis in recent years towards preventative care rather than emergency treatment.

Debbie, author of Complete Lifestyle explained:

Lifestyle has been found to be the cause of so many illnesses from back pain to cancer and there is a desperate need to get the message out there that the things we eat, our exercise levels and the way we manage stress have a long term impact on our health and wellbeing.

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to promote that message at such a major national event and the next step is to take it into businesses to help them reduce sickness absence levels.

Debbie will be joined at the conference by Linda Hewick, chiropractic assistant at the Family Chiropractic Centre, who will be helping her roll out the campaign regionally.

Debbie added:

We will be talking to businesses and health practitioners, including other chiropractic clinics, over the coming months in an effort to find ways to work together to combat illness and stress.


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