Community power in Harrogate delivers eviction to ASB tenant

21 September 2011

Harrogate residents have become local heroes after helping Yorkshire Housing secure a possession and exclusion order, ridding its neighbourhood of a tenant who rained down a catalogue of abuse, drugs activity and antisocial behaviour.

Harrogate Police and Yorkshire Housing, who manage the social housing in the area, worked hard to build trust and develop relationships with terrified tenants.

After months of victimisation, many local people came forward and Yorkshire Housing was able to obtain an injunction with the power of arrest followed by an exclusion and possession order against Miss Kerrie Wilkinson, of Pendragon Way, Harrogate.

The partnership between local police and brave residents enabled Yorkshire Housing to work quickly and commit their resources to supporting tenants and building a court case.

Swinton Court Good Neighbour Association played a vital role in the case, supporting residents who provided statements and building community relations. The association commented:

Our goal is to support the community and highlight local issues. Building community spirit and good relations is key to tackling crime and disorder and supporting our residents to live in a safer and better neighbourhood.

The possession and exclusion order obtained by Yorkshire Housing prevents the perpetrator from returning to the area or to her property unless accompanied by the police or housing association.

Mervyn Jones, Chief Executive at Yorkshire Housing, said:

We are really pleased with the outcome and it’s a credit to the many brave people that came forward and spoke out that made it possible for Yorkshire Housing to make a difference.

Yorkshire Housing will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and we want to send a strong message that we will investigate all claims of anti-social behaviour and support our tenants to make their neighbourhoods safe and great places to live.

Following the court ruling, Miss Wilkinson has now lost her home and is forbidden from returning to the neighbourhood or threatening or causing a nuisance to the Pendragon community.

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