Additional sentence for Harrogate man for wasting Police time

Adam May, from the area was sentenced at Magistrates court on 15 August 2011.

May had been charged to court for theft of alcohol and for obstructing a constable in the execution of their duty.

At the time of May’s arrest for theft he lied to officers saying that he had swallowed a razorblade. This led to police officers and hospital staff wasting time trying to care for someone who did not need help.

Harrogate magistrates court sentenced May to 2 weeks in prison for this waste of police time. May has been sentenced to 6 weeks in prison in total for these offences.

DC Nicky Wright of Harrogate police station said:

This sends a clear message to offenders. They cannot expect to be able to make false allegations, waste police time and walk away without suffering the consequences.

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