Power now restored at Leeds Train station after earlier problems

28 July 2011

At 16.15 this afternoon (Thursday 28 July) a power outage resulted in the total loss of signalling around Leeds station. The cause of the outage is being investigated.

At 16.58 engineers managed to restore power to the west side of the station, facilitating trains on routes to London, Wakefield, Bradford, Manchester etc. Unfortunately, at 17.15, there was still no signalling, and therefore no trains moving to the east of the station with engineers remaining on site to fix the problems.

At 17.28 signalling was restored to the east side of Leeds station meaning that all trains are now able to run. There will be some knock-on delay as services are restored but this will be cleared as quickly as possible.

Network Rail have apologised to the many passengers who have been delayed this evening and are working as quickly as possible to restore a full service.



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