Motorists urged to improve security

27 July 2011

Police in Harrogate are urging motorists to take some basic crime prevention measures following an increase in thefts from vehicles.

Many of the thefts were from vehicles which had been left insecure or where tempting valuables had been left on display.

The number of reported crimes for July this year has so far risen to 29 compared to 21 in July last year.





Sergeant Chris Spackman of Harrogate Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “I cannot stress enough, how important it is that motorists take even the most basic of crime prevention measures.

“These include locking your vehicle and removing valuables – including sat-navs. It’s very easy to forget them, but they are extremely tempting to opportunist thieves.

“If you have a garage or outbuilding, please use it and lock your car away when not in use. If thieves can’t see your car, they can’t steal it.

“It can be quite distressing for people to find their car has been broken into, not to mention the financial cost and inconvenience which the theft can cause.”



The recent spate of thefts in Harrogate include:

  • Sat-nav and wallet taken from an insecure vehicle on Chatsworth Grove when the owner popped back into his house for minutes.
  • Sat-nav was stolen from an insecure car on Coronation Road.
  • Wallet and personal items were taken from an insecure vehicle on St Winifred’s Avenue.
  • Car was broken into on Bog’s Lane and a set of golf clubs stolen.
  • Vehicle was broken into on Brunswick Drive and a sat-nav taken.
  • Three incidents in Burn Bridge resulted in an iPod, and two sat-navs taken from three separate vehicles, one of which was left insecure.

Crime prevention advice

Always activate the security system on your vehicle and remember to remove all valuables including sat navs and their holders.

Use other security devices such as steering or wheel locks and if you don’t have a garage, consider fitting sturdy gates to your driveway, or fit a security post.

You could also consider fitting a tracking device to your vehicle.

Inside your home, don’t leave your car keys on view or placed near windows, doors or cat-flaps where thieves can see them.

Make sure that you hide your keys away so any would-be thief cannot find them.


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