Police and Council achieve conditions on major Leeds nightclub

West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council have achieved the imposition of strict and wide ranging conditions on a major Leeds city centre nightclub.

At a hearing at Leeds Magistrates’ Court this week, it was agreed that the Gatecrasher nightclub on New Briggate will require the appointment of a new Premises Licence Holder, and the club will have to give police officers from the Leeds District Licensing Department 28 days’ notice of any new or externally promoted events.

Security staff will have to use safety arches and hand-held metal detectors at the ‘reasonable request’ of local police officers, and the club must ensure no-one under the age of 18 attends events where alcohol is served.

In addition, the club’s management must meet with officers from the Leeds District Licensing Department each month to discuss any issues.

A total of 13 new conditions were imposed following the three-day hearing, with six other pre-existing conditions also amended. Other conditions include the use of polycarbonate glasses, doorstaff supervision of VIP areas where glasses are being used, increased doorstaff during under-18s nights, and no drinks being allowed in the smoking area.

The club will only be allowed to re-open once it is able to meet all the conditions and appointed a new management team.

West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council took joint action against the club following a number of serious incidents.

Initial action began in January following incidents of violence over the festive period into the New Year, including the stabbing of a 17-year-old boy in the early hours of 15 January.

Officers successfully applied for the club’s licence to be suspended for a week, and in February the club’s licence was revoked at a hearing in front of the Leeds City Council Licensing Sub-Committee after evidence was presented by police.

Chief Inspector Vernon Francis, of West Yorkshire Police’s City and Holbeck Division, is responsible for policing in Leeds city centre.

Chief Inspector Francis said: “Nightclubs play a major part in our city centre economy and the last thing we want to do is put that at risk, but the first priority of both ourselves and partners has got to be ensuring public safety.

“It was important that both the police and council took action, and we hope that the recommendations made in the hearing will ensure that people who choose to attend the club in the future can enjoy their evenings safely.”

Councillor Suzi Armitage chair of the Leeds City Council licensing committee, said: “I am hopeful that these new conditions will result in an end to the serious problems surrounding Gatecrasher and ensure the safety of the public. However this will require great deal of commitment and improved cooperation from the management.

“The safety of people attending the club is our priority therefore a failure to meet these conditions will result in further action being taken.”


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