North Yorkshire celebrates with royal wedding street parties

14 April 2011

More than thirty street parties will be held across North Yorkshire to celebrate the royal wedding on April 29.

Officers in North Yorkshire County Council’s highways team have worked alongside residents in many towns and villages to ensure the events go without a hitch. The council has arranged formal road closures free of charge to allow the parties to take place.

The events will see bunting erupt across North Yorkshire … from residential side streets to almost entire villages.

“This will be a fabulous opportunity for people to come together for a great community day of celebration,” said County Councillor Gareth Dadd, Executive Member for Highways.

“Our highways teams have worked hard with party organisers to make sure there has been absolutely no red tape to get in the way of things. The result is that North Yorkshire has a tremendous range of parties planned – both in urban areas and in smaller rural communities.”

With the royal wedding only just over a fortnight away, the county council now has insufficient time to organise any further road closures, although events can still be held providing there is no impact on the public highway network.



  1. its ok for some people how ever some of us have been told we have to work. i work in retail and im working all day :(

  2. Only 30, North Yorkshire has an estimated 597,700 residents and they are only having 30 street parties.

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