‘Sarah’s Law’ Launched In West Yorkshire

22 March 2011

A scheme which allows people to find out if a person who has contact with a child is a registered sex offender has been launched in West Yorkshire.

The Child Sexual Offenders Disclosure Scheme, also known as ‘Sarah’s law’ went live in the County on Sunday 20th March as part of a national roll out.

The scheme began as a pilot in September 2008 when four police forces trialled it over a 12 month period. The success of this has led to it being used by all police forces in the UK.

It aims to enable parents, carers, guardians, and third parties to contact the police and determine whether a person who has access to a child is a registered sexual offender or is likely to pose a risk of harm to that child.

The police do already disclose information about sexual offenders and violence offenders in a controlled way to manage risks to the public. This scheme will provide an additional opportunity for the police and public to work together to keep children safe.

Police will only release information if there is need to protect a child, and it will only be given to the person who is best placed to protect the child. The information is shared on a confidential basis and for the sole purpose of protecting the child concerned.

Anyone who is concerned about a child and wants to request information under ‘Sarah’s Law’ should contact West Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 606, and the Force’s Child and Public Protection Unit will handle the enquiry, or if you think a child is currently in danger you should always call 999.

For more information about the Child Sexual Offender Disclosure Scheme please visit www.direct.gov.uk/keepingchildrensafe


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