Dominc Conlan in Hospital

Man in coma for two weeks following attack in his own home

25 January 2011
Dominic Conlan before the attack

North Yorkshire Police have launched an attempted murder investigation after a man who was attacked in his own home fights for his life.

56-year-old Dominic Conlan has spent the last two weeks in a coma at Leeds General Infirmary, after he was found seriously injured at his flat in March Street, York.

Dominc Conlan in Hospital

It is believed his injuries are so serious that he may never recover.

At around 2.30am Saturday 8 January 2011, police were called to Mr Conlan’s flat in Partington House, situated in an area of the city known as The Groves.

Officers discovered him suffering from severe head injuries which were consistent with a implement being used.

Detectives have conducted extensive forensic investigations at the scene and have made house to house enquiries in the area.

Detectives are now appealing to the public to help them establish exactly what happened to Mr Conlan.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Conlon
Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Costello

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Costello, who is leading the investigation, said “This is a vicious and sustained attack which has left Mr Conlan fighting for his life with serious and substantial head injuries”

“Although we have arrested some people in connection with the attack, this investigation is far from over. We know that there were a number of people present at present at Mr Conlans flat at the time he was attacked; we need to know who those people are”

“You may of been present but had no involvement in the incident. If that is the case you need to tell us, so we can eliminate you from the investigation”

“You may have been in contact with someone who was present when Mr Conlan suffered his terrible injuries. If you have information you need to tell the police immediately”

“People need to start talking to us about what happened. They need to tell us what happened to Mr Conlan, why it happened and how it happened”

Dominic Conlan’s family expressed their devastation at the extent of his injuries, and appealed for anyone with information that could lead the police to his attacker to come forward.

They are struggling to comprehend what happened to Dominic, who had been a successful businessman for many years working in telecommunications in various countries throughout the world, including America, where he lived for some time after marrying an American woman.

After returning to the UK, he settled in York, where, unfortunately, he began to suffer some health problems which prevented him from continuing his business career.

Martin Conlan (Brother) outside Leeds General Infirmary

Mr Conlan’s brother, Martin Conlan, read a statement on behalf of the family outside Leeds General Infirmary.

He said: “Dominic is a good man, a loving and caring brother and a trusting and generous friend. He is never happier than when he is helping others and always sees the good in people. “He certainly did not deserve to be so brutally and savagely attacked in his own home. The injuries he received that night have left him fighting for his life and even if he survives he may never fully recover.

“We as a family are absolutely devastated by what happened and cannot imagine the terror he must have felt as the attack continued”

“This tragedy also affects many other people on many levels. His neighbours will be fearful, his friends will be sad and frustrated and others will miss his help and support”

“Then there are people, maybe young people, who may have witnessed this barbaric attack and are haunted by what they saw. They are victims too. Don’t let this ruin your lives, tell the police what you know or contact Crimestoppers.”

“People do know what happened that night, any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, will help the police bring those responsible into the light. They need your help, we need your help, and Dominic needs justice.”

Appeal for evidence

Detectives are also appealing for help to locate a distinctive tracksuit top and a black-coloured Dell laptop belonging to Mr Conlan which could be crucial to the case.

Officers believe that the item of clothing may have been discarded by a suspect following the attack. It is believed the laptop was stolen from Mr Conlan’s flat during the same period.

Tracksuit top in the style being sort
Tracksuit Top

DCI Costello said: “The tracksuit top we are looking for is white with a green stripe or stripes down the arm.

There is a possibility that it is an Adidas brand, but we are interested in locating any make of tracksuit top which matches the description. “From our extensive investigation into the attempted murder of Mr Conlan, there is a real possibility that someone involved in the incident has made off from the victim’s flat on March Street in the early hours of Saturday 8 January and taken off the tracksuit top.

At this stage we do not know if it was dumped in a hedgerow or in a nearby refuse bin, or discarded or hidden away by some other means. “Either way, it is very important that this garment is recovered as it could be crucial to the investigation and our efforts to seek justice for the victim and his family. “I urge anyone who knows the whereabouts of this distinctive white tracksuit top with a green stripe or stripes down the arms to get in touch with the police or Crimestoppers as a matter of urgency.”

Anyone who knows who is responsible for the attempted murder of Dominic Conlan, or has any other information that could help the police with their enquiries, is urged to contact DCI Nigel Costello, of York CID, on 0845 60 60 24 7, quoting reference number 12110003728.

Leeds General Infirmary

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