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The Harrogate Informer website is one of the most read websites in Harrogate.

  • Over 1/4 of a million pages are viewed  per month
  • Each month a total of 6 months is spent reading news items
  • There are over 35,000 social media followers across twitter and facebook
  • Many news items have been shared over 5,000 times on facebook, within 24 hours
  • A popular news item can attract over 25,000 views within a few hours

Advertising is charged for the number of times the advert appears on a web page. This is the CPM (cost per thousand) in advertising speak.

We don’t run pay per click advertising as we feel that paying for the exposure you receive is a fairer way.

  • Mobile – only medium rectangle 250 x 250 – this appears in a prominent position on each view on a mobile device – £7
  • Desktop or tablet only 300 x 600 – this appears on the right hand side of each news item – £9
  • Full banner 486 x 60 – embedded within news items themselves – £7
  • Narrow banner 160 x 600 – £7
  • Desktop or tablet footer 728 x 90 – towards the bottom of each page and just above the footer – £5
  • Large banner 970 x 250 – at the top of each page – £14

(all per thousand impressions)

The costs are calculated on the volumetric size of the space, the position and typical market-average prices.

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