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The Harrogate Informer website is one of the most read websites in Harrogate.

  • Over 1/4 of a million pages are viewed  per month
  • Each user spends around 1 minute on each page
  • There are over 70,000 unique users each month
  • Each month a total of 6 months is spent reading news items
  • There are over 25,000 social media followers across twitter and facebook
  • Some news items have been shared over 5,000 times on facebook, within 24 hours
  • A popular news item can attract over 25,000 views within a few days

Advertising is charged for the number of times the advert appears on a web page. This is the CPM (cost per thousand) in advertising speak.

We don’t run pay per click advertising as we feel that paying for the exposure you receive is a fairer way. (See the FAQ’s below for more on that)

  • Desktop or tablet Leader 728 x 90 – this is to the right of our main logo – £8
  • Mobile – only medium rectangle 300 x 250 – this appears in a prominent position on each view on a mobile device – £8
  • Desktop or tablet only 300 x 600 – this appears on the right hand side of each news item – £10
  • Full banner 486 x 60 – embedded within news items themselves – £7
  • Narrow banner 160 x 600 – £7
  • Desktop or tablet footer 728 x 90 – towards the bottom of each page and just above the footer – £5
  • Large banner 970 x 250 – at the top of each page – £12

(all per thousand impressions)

The costs are calculated on the volumetric size of the space, the position and typical market-average prices.

Fort further details email us at

We will aim to get back to you within a few hours.

Also see Top ten tips for advertisers

Frequently asked Questions

What can on-line advertising do for me ?

Advertising and Marketing professionals will talk about brand advertising and call to action advertising (or a combination of the two). Brand advertising is about doing just that, promoting your brand and some key messages associated with it. As an example an advert for “Tony’s BBQ hut” having the best burgers in town is about promoting the brand. If the advert is two for one burgers on a Tuesday then it becomes a call to action, urging people to go on a specific day.

Is there a minimum budget spend ?

Technically there isn’t a minimum spend, but sensibly you should spend sufficient to give the campaign sufficient time to work. A minimum budget of £50 is recommended.

How do you decide what budget to assign ?

This is always a difficult one to answer. It’s a judgement call based upon what you will achieve for the spend. As an example, if you are selling tickets to an event at £20 each, if bought £2o of advertising, you need to sell at least one ticket to make it worthwhile.  £20 would give just under 3,000 appearances with the mobile advert. The question is would 3,000 appearances sell one ticket ?

Can you help with putting together graphics ?

Yes we can!

We do need company logos as a starting point, any other relevant images can also be useful.

How do you pay ?

We will provide an invoice that can be paid either by BACS or by paypal. Q

What about volume discounts ?

We feel our prices are sensible but we do offer discounts for volume orders. Orders over £200 receive a discount of 10% and 20% for orders over £400.

Why don’t you run pay per click ?

We feel that it is fairer to charge on a pay per view basis. Many on-line adverts can be about brand exposure, with adverts that are just viewed and never clicked on.

What graphics work best ?

Static adverts with a few key messages can work well, an animated or graphic made up from a number of frames is more attention getting while giving more space to get more messages over. For larger campaigns it is possible to run multiple graphics for a short time to determine which work the best for the remainder of the campaign.

How targeted is the advertising ?

Being a local news website, the readership is naturally targeted to people within the locality. Our core news area is Harrogate and Knaresborough with larger news covered in areas such as Pateley Bridge, Thirsk, Northallerton and Wetherby.


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