Patient care rather than cleaning duties for Harrogate Nurses

Harrogate Hospital

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  1. So how did the nurses cope in the old days. Hospitals were cleaner, scrubbed indeed, all under the watchful eye of Matron.There was no room for complaining and patient care was absolutely second to non.
    Ask any nurse who worked during the 1950’s and 1960’s etc and they will tell you they even had to polish the wheels on the beds. Also you had a nurse sit on your ward all night at a desk, watching over the patients. Not simply a ‘Nurse’s station’.
    I’m not for one minute suggesting nurses don’t do a wonderful job, indeed when we are really poorly, we feel safe and so much better just by the sight of the uniform. That said, nursing was always ‘a vocation’ and i’m sure many patients would agree that many a nurse has lost that ‘special touch’, that made nurses so special.Sadly this is across the country, in no way directed solely at Harrogate. paperwork is causing many problems, however there are times when patients are simply ignored. This has been proven and shown time and time again. First hand accounts.
    I have to say, I would rather see a trained member of staff in a clean and tidy uniform, cleaning efficiently, than a young person is scruffy trousers, far too long and torn at the bottom and a pair of dirty trainers to complete the ‘Uniform’. This passes as uniform now and little thought given to infection control when looking at the dress code of a large number of staff. Again this is acroos the board and not just Harrogate. All that said, everyone knocks the National Health, but everyone wants to use it. It just needs a good shake up and all round nurse training, not just on the University standard of nursing, but also the care that used to go into caring for patients. Mr Cameron, go and talk to patients across the country, see what they say.

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