Patient care rather than cleaning duties for Harrogate Nurses

HospitalFollowing criticism in the national press that hospital nurses were being expected to undertake cleaning duties such as toilet cleaning and mopping floors, we contacted Harrogate District Hospital to find out what their policy was.

The concerns were around having inadequate cleaning staff, diverting nurses away from the front-line care of patients and not being adequately trained on cleaning duties so potentially increase risk of infection.


A spokesperson for Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust said:

We employ an excellent team of trained domestic staff who undertake the cleaning of wards and communal areas, which is all part of our commitment to keeping our good record for infection control. They form a crucial part of our frontline team.

Our nursing staff are there to spend time on what they are best at, which is caring for patients.


Harrogate District Hospital has once again demonstrated a clear and sensible policy in the management of its high quality services to the community, bucking the national trends just a little more.