Harlow Hill “Shedders” go outdoors! – sign repairs carried out by new voluntary group in the Pinewoods.

Harrogate, April 11, 2022: A collaboration of local groups has seen repairs carried out by volunteers to a key display board in The Pinewoods. The new local group, Harlow Hills Men’s Shed, where members are often referred to as “Shedders”, were approached by the well-established Pinewoods Conservation Group to look at repairing a damaged display board within the woods.
Works took place over recent weekends to replace rotten timbers with new holes being dug to re-erect the board.

John Hart, who set up the new Men’s Shed Group said:

Our members know the Pinewoods well and were pleased to be able to help the Pinewoods Conservation Group. This was our first official job the group had carried out and are very pleased with the result. We know like many charities funding can be challenging so we hope there are more opportunities for us to support local groups.

Neil Hind, Chair of The Pinewoods Conservation Group said:

We heard that the group was up and running so were delighted that they agreed to help us. Originally, we thought a whole new display board maybe required but with some ingenuity from the group they were able to repair the board in situ saving us considerable funds. The display board should now be operational for a good number of years to come.

The Harlow Hills “Men’s Shed” group is open to new members with more information available via John Hart on or their “Harlow Hill Men’s Shed” Facebook Group.

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