Three Ways to Explore What Harrogate Has to Offer

24 May 2024

Harrogate has a population of just over 160,000 and is dwarfed by Leeds, just a few miles down the road. However, that doesn’t mean the town doesn’t have something to offer away from the lights of the big city. With a rich history that dates back to the Romans as well as some natural highlights, this article will discuss a few activities and locations to make the most of your time in Harrogate.

Check Out Some Local Birdlife

Bird watching has become quite popular in Harrogate, with numerous sites to take in the local birdlife including Harrogate Stainburn Forest and Harlow Carr pinewoods which are great places to spot birds like woodpeckers and sparrowhawks. In fact, birdwatching retains interest up and down the country with The Guardian reporting that over three million people will do some birdwatching each year. The popularity of birds and birdwatching can be seen across the entertainment industry. For example, in the online gambling industry, some slot games like Pigeons from Space and Thunderbirds give users the chance to play in a bird-themed environment. Games like these contain the usual features of slot games like multipliers, bingo, and slot bonuses, but with some added flying creatures. Meanwhile, on television, shows like Extraordinary Birder entertain viewers.



Step Back in Time

The Romans came to the UK nearly 2000 years ago under one of their most famous rulers, Julius Caesar. They brought with them a civilization and way of life that still influence how we live in the UK today. They also left behind some impressive architecture that can be seen up and down the country, most famously in the form of Hadrian’s Wall near the England-Scotland border. In Harrogate, Aldborough Roman Town offers visitors the chance to jump back in time. Giving an insight into daily life, this important tourist attraction served as an important trading post for over four centuries.

Take in a Day at the Spa

For those in search of something slightly more relaxing, then it makes sense to come to this spa town and actually go to a spa. There are plenty to choose from, some on the more historic side and others that have been built recently. One of the most famous is The Majestic Spa, a part of the Victoria Hotel, which opened its doors in 1900.

If you’re interested in the history of Harrogate and why it became known as a spa town, then look no further than the Pump Room Museum, which was used as a place for locals to come and visit, losing popularity in the early part of the 20th century, but is now a museum full of artefacts and information about time gone by.

Harrogate has plenty to offer as both a place to live and to visit, and has previously been voted as the best place to live in the country. There is plenty more besides what is mentioned in this article, such as historic tea rooms, sprawling parks, and brilliant cuisine, so without a doubt, spending time in Harrogate should be on your list.

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