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Local green party calls for a changes to the animal testing industry

The Harrogate and District Green Party are calling for a change to the use of animals for laboratory experiments and testing.

Harrogate has two locations of animal testing Labcorp (formerly Covance) on Otley road, and Smithers Viscient on Skipton Road.

Harrogate and District Green Party statement on Labcorp and animal testing:

The animal testing laboratory has long cast a shadow over Harrogate. With progressive testing methods available and developing all the time, the last thing our local MP should be doing is encouraging an expansion of animal testing.

The European Parliament has voted to stop laboratory experiments on animals and replace them with modern science; the UK could easily do the same and push itself to the forefront of research and development without animal testing.

Instead, our local MP wants to keep us in the past by encouraging an increase in animal testing rather than working to change the industry.

We would ask residents to write to Andrew Jones and urge him to rethink supporting increasing animal testing. Instead, we want him to encourage the business and the UK to switch to modern human-biology-based techniques.

Andrew Jones MP said:

I don’t want medicines tested on animals.  I don’t believe anybody does.  But in law medicines have to be tested on animals before they are tested on humans and then used as medicines which we all take.  This included the COVID-19 vaccine and every other vaccine we take in our lives.

New testing methods can and do reduce the number of animals and the duration of their use and I have made it clear in letters to constituents for over ten years that I support the continued development of technologies that reduced animal testing.  I hope that one day these technologies will mean no medicines are ever tested on animals.

Pretending though that LabCorp is first and foremost an animal testing laboratory is wrong and, I have to say, some are wilfully ignoring this in the statements they make.

A lot of the work they do in the whole process of medicine development does not involve animals. They have also done a huge amount of work on COVID testing and have been an instrumental part of the nation’s battle against the pandemic.  As we seek to avoid and contain new variants and prepare for other viruses emerging with the potential to close down much of our lives, is research into this area something we really want to stop?  Is it wrong for me to support this research?  I don’t think so.

Perhaps those who attack the whole company because of a small part of their operation need to think a bit more widely about the work they do, realise that a small amount of the operation relates to animal testing as part of the development of medicines which benefit us all and acknowledge that in the statements they make.


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