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Receiving Universal Credit? You Could Be Missing Out on Significant Broadband Savings Under Social Tariffs

Millions of people are under pressure, especially because of the high cost of living. A bigger percentage of these people are missing out on significant broadband savings under social tariffs, according to Ofcom.

More than one million families are finding it difficult when it comes to the cost of their broadband services. This figure gets even more when looking at the lowest income earning homes, with one in every ten households struggling.

As the cost of living continues to rise, more families are expected to find it expensive for them to afford broadband services in the next couple of years. Social tariffs can simplify things for these families.

Not Eligible for Social Tariffs? Shopping Around for Broadband Deals
You might find yourself in a situation where you are not eligible for social tariffs but are finding a way to save on your home broadband services. This might be difficult for most people, especially when shopping around for broadband deals.

Fortunately, with broadband deals comparisons, you can see what different service providers have, including their speeds, downloads availability, setup costs, and the contract length required when getting one of the available options.

This way, you will be able to get the deal that suits your requirements. You will also be able to ensure that you are spending the right amount of money on your home broadband services.

Who is Eligible for Social Tariffs?
Social tariffs are broadband packages that come at a specially discounted price. They are available to the over four million families that receive Universal Credit in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, not every other family knows about the social tariffs. This can be attributed to poor campaigns among the service providers.

A report by Ofcom has indicated that about five thousand families have taken advantage of these rates – which is about 1.2% of the eligible families. It, therefore, means that over four million families are missing out on significant broadband savings under the social tariffs.

Which Service Providers Have Social Tariffs?
Despite the rising cost of living brought about by different things such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing cost of oil products, some service providers do not provide a social tariff to their customers.

Some of the companies with at least one social tariff in the U.K. include Virgin Media O2, KCOM, Hyperoptic, G. Network, Community Fibre, and BT.

The packages come at different prices, with the cheapest starting at about £1 per month and the most expensive starting at £20 per month. They also come in different speeds, ranging from about 10Mbps to about 67Mbps.

When looking for the social tariffs, some of the companies to avoid (at least for the moment) include Vodafone, Talk Talk, Sky, Shell, Plusnet, and EE. We are saying for the moment because Ofcom is pushing them to introduce the tariffs.

In addition, service providers with these tariffs are being asked to promote them more to ensure that every eligible family knows about them. This will be crucial in making sure that mobile voice and broadband coverage reaches nearly all remote rural areas in the U.K.

People use their broadband services for a wide range of activities such as learning and working from home as well as staying in touch with their loved ones. However, some families struggle to afford these services, finding themselves in a situation where every coin is important to them.

Special discounts such as the social tariffs can go a long way in making life a little bit easier for these families. Unfortunately, most broadband service providers do not have any social tariffs, and those that have do not promote them as they should.

Companies should, therefore, try as much as they can to support families on low income through social tariffs and make it even easy for them (the families) to sign up for the tariffs.

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