Polls open for Mayor of York and North Yorkshire (2 May 2024)

2 May 2024

The polling stations have opened for the Mayor of York and North Yorkshire (2 May 2024) – you have until 10pm to get your vote in.

  • North Yorkshire Electorate 485,105
  • York electorate 154,901
  • 90,000 postal voters, with a team of 50 staff processing them
  • There are 668 polling stations across York and North Yorkshire
    • 130 of these are in the York area.
    • 538 of these are in the North Yorkshire area.
  • Over 2,000 polling staff are needed to run them in North Yorkshire.
  • And 260 staff are working in York.

Counting of votes

For North Yorkshire, nearly 500 staff are working across four count locations: Northallerton, Harrogate and two counts in Scarborough.

There is also one count in York.

Results from the Northallerton, York and the two Scarborough counts feed into the Harrogate count, where the final announcement is made.

Number of counters working

  • Harrogate – 120 counters
  • Northallerton – 120 counters
  • Scarborough (1) – 70 counters
  • Scarborough (2) – 70 counters
  • York – 120 counters


Previous local elections

As the first mayoral election, there are no comparable election statistics.

The previous North Yorkshire-wide Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election took place in November 2021. The previous North Yorkshire council election took place in May 2022.

To see the candidates:

What’s the North Yorkshire Mayor all about ? (and why you should pay attention to it)



What is a Combined Authority?

A Combined Authority is where a group of councils work together across a larger area. The York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority has been created by City of York Council and North Yorkshire Council. Its role is to use some of the money and powers, previously held by government, and work with local leaders and communities to invest in ways that will help to make our region a better place for people to live, work and do business.

What difference will it make?

The York and North Yorkshire Mayor will lead investment of at least £540 million to be spent over the next 30 years. Mayors can attract more investment into the region to improve things that matter to our businesses and communities. The York and North Yorkshire Mayor will take on the role and responsibilities of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

What is the role of the Mayor?

The Mayor chairs the Combined Authority. Mayors work alongside local leaders to create and deliver on shared, long-term visions for the region they serve. They will serve a four-year term, at which point they can choose to stand for re-election.

What are the powers and responsibilities of the Mayor?

  • Responsible for 30-year Mayoral Investment Fund.
  • Full devolution of the Adult Education Budget.
  • Powers to improve the supply and quality of housing and secure the development of land or
  • Powers and funds to improve transport through a consolidated, devolved, multi-year
    transport settlement.
  • Responsibilities for community safety and the powers to appoint a Deputy Mayor to carry
    out the duties currently held by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

What budget will the Mayor have and where does the money come from?

A Mayoral Investment Fund is worth £540 million over 30 years. From launch to March 2025, the new Combined Authority will be in receipt of more than £56m of funds to invest for the benefit of communities. An adult education budget will also be devolved to York and North Yorkshire.

From May 2024, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s functions will join the Combined Authority, which includes funding from the existing precept within council tax.

How does the introduction of the Combined Authority affect local councils?

City of York and North Yorkshire councils will continue as they are, working at a local level for residents. The Combined Authority will work at a regional level in partnership with the two councils

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