Harrogate and AG Coin: The Latest News in Local Cryptocurrency Developments

19 March 2024

Is Harrogate making strides in introducing cryptocurrency to the area? The answer may be a resounding yes. Over a decade, the discussion of Bitcoin has heated up. Along the way, so have other crypto coins like Litecoin and Ethereum.


But let’s not forget the alt-coins that are making splashes. Dogecoin’s rise towards the end of the previous decade proves this point. But there is one coin in particular that we’ll be talking about in this guide. Are people in Harrogate looking to crypto as a possible payment method? 


Could this digital coin be one of many? Let’s dive right into this and other developments in cryptocurrency right now.

So what is AG coin anyway?

AG coin stands for AGAME. The name alone seems fitting enough, doesn’t it? One thing to address is there is a platform that may have a similar name known as “Alpha Gardeners”. For the sake of this guide, we’ll stick to AGAME since it appears to make the most sense.


Especially when the token can be used for online casinos. It’s unclear if the coin may be used for anything outside of gaming platforms. So in a sense, the target audience is online gamers in Harrogate. If you’re an online gamer and love crypto, you should check it out.

Can you buy AG coin Harrogate?

Outside of the many coin exchanges via mobile app or desktop, it’s unclear if AG coin is available. But you could purchase Bitcoin locally to convert them into AG coins online. If you’re in Harrogate, you can purchase them in three different locations. They include the following:


  • Hebden Bridge Post Office


  • The Corner Shop (located at 94 Grosvenor Street)


  • Shudehill Convenience Store (91 Shuderhill)


Once they are purchased at Bitcoin ATMs at these three locations, that’s step one complete. Next, you’ll need to convert them into AG coins via an online exchange. The exchange itself will take seconds depending on the exchange you go with like Uphold, CoinBase, and others.


Are there any merchants that accept crypto in Harrogate?

As of this writing, we don’t have the information handy. However, we will update it once we get definite answers. But it should be an idea worth considering. Should businesses in Harrogate and the surrounding area accept crypto?


This may be entirely up to the business themselves. Even today, we have the technology to make it more feasible. One way is to utilise the power of NFC technology. This allows contactless payment using mobile devices and card terminals.


A customer can pay in cryptocurrency with one tap of the terminal. It’s done all on their mobile and in seconds. Talk about quickness and convenience. Accepting crypto in Harrogate as normal payment methods could be in the cards.


There’s an extra layer of security, more than what traditional banks could offer. Another may pertain to businesses themselves. The higher the price of crypto, the more money they have. However, the price may get lower and so will a business’s profit. This could explain why many merchants are reluctant to include it.

What is the current price of AG coin right now?

Currently, AG coin is less than £0 at the time of this writing. Upon closer examination, the price is in the decimals. One crypto user said the following about the low prices of AG coin:

“What’s interesting is that with prices this low, I can buy countless numbers. At least one GBP alone will give me a billion of these coins. It’s insane.”


Another AG coin holder in the UK also had this to say:


“I don’t know if AG coin is going to even hit a pence. I buy them for the sake of in-game use. As for if they’ll use it outside of gaming platforms, I don’t know. I’m keeping an eye out for other altcoins to be honest.”


Finally, one crypto enthusiast who plays online casino games said this:


“I like gambling on a casual basis. With a lot of crypto tokens, I feel like I got a lot. Right now, I play for fun. I don’t care how much money I win. As long as I got the tokens, I can have fun.”

Harrogate and crypto? What the future could hold

So far there hasn’t been a lot that is known for Harrogate in particular. Especially when it comes to what’s going on with crypto developments. But rest assured, many residents can get active online. You can buy through exchanges or even purchase Bitcoin locally.


As for whether AG coin or other cryptos are accepted by Harrogate businesses, it’s possible. We’ll update this space once we get confirmed developments.    





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