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Paul Haslam

Paul Haslam announces he will be running for Mayor of York and North Yorkshire

18 March 2024

Counsellor Paul Haslam has announced that he will be running as an independent candidate for the Mayor of York and North Yorkshire.

He will remain a County Councillor, but no longer be a Conservative Party Counsellor.

Paul has been active in the Bilton area of Harrogate, being elected as a Borough Councillor in 2015, and then a North Yorkshire County Councillor in 2017.  He campaigned on a mandate to oppose the relief road proposals that would have cut through the Nidd Gorge.

He has more recently worked as a governor, and actively helped the Woodfield School, a school that will now become a specialist autism school.

Paul says that he has become disillusioned with the Conservative Party at a national level, but locally that there is a disparity between spend in the North vs spend in the South.


Paul Haslam said:

The Mayor of York and North Yorkshire would effectively be a Minister for York and North Yorkshire in Westminster.

North Yorkshire is not getting the funding that it needed to drive transport changes in a fair way with the South.

Also, the mayor takes a key role in developing the local economy, and has an opportunity with adult education to improve skills.


Paul also says that nutrition is a part  of his manifesto for mayor.


Paul said:

North Yorkshire is like the bread basket of the country with excellent farming, and we must support production.

We have the opportunity for healthier and lower cost food, along with all the benefits that would bring.


There are 5 candidates, with elections on the 2 May 2024.

Keith Tordoff – Independent Candidate

Felicity Cunliffe – Lister – Libdems

David Skaith – Labour

Kevin Foster – Green Party

Keane Duncan – Conservative Party

Paul Haslam – Independent Candidate



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