Kirsty Shea-McKee
Kirsty Shea-McKee

Local Harrogate Woman publishes her first children’s book

12 February 2024

A local businesswoman has achieved a lifelong ambition and written her first children’s book, which has already been published and is attracting a lot of attention.

“Paws and Whiskers Unite”. ‘The Adventures of Lolloping Lola’ leaps onto the pages, unveiling a heart-warming tale of unlikely friendship between feline grace and canine charm!

In the ordinary world of pets, where tails wag and whiskers twitch, you’d expect Lola, the everyday dog, and Ozzy, the run-of-the-mill mog, to simply coexist. But as daylight fades and the moon casts its enchanting glow, a whole new adventure unfolds. Picture Lola, settling in for a nap, when suddenly, through the cat flap, bursts Ozzy, his fur a screeching whirlwind. What unfolds next is far from ordinary – it’s a tale of camaraderie, courage, and daring escapades!

The book is the brainchild and creative work of Kirsty Shea-McKee and is something she’s wanted to achieve for many years but now finally got around to writing.


Kirsty said:

As a mother of two I loved the time spent reading books with my children and it’s such an important time in their lives to build that love and connection as a family and I’ve always believed that books and reading them together helps with that bond as well as educating them in a fun way.


The Adventures of Lolloping Lola is primarily aimed at 3-7-year-olds; however, it can be enjoyed by all; the story is styled in rhyme and is a story of how enemies can overcome their differences and become friends, an important underlying message in today’s world.


Kirsty said:

When my children were young, one of our favourite books to read was Hairy McClary from Donaldson Dairy by Lyndley Dodd, there’s something special about the rhythm of a rhyming book that makes reading aloud like a performance.

The words bounce and resonate with both the reader and the listener. It was these types of books that inspired me to start writing some of my own children’s stories.

The idea for the Adventures of Lolloping Lola was also inspired by our family dog Lola and my friend’s cat Ozzy’s intense dislike of her. The Adventures of Lolloping Lola is my first published book however I hope there will be many more!


Kirsty runs a successful beauty and wellbeing business in Harrogate and Wetherby with her partner. Additionally, twice a week, she conducts a multi-sensory workshop at Henshaw’s Arts and Crafts Centre in Knaresborough for people living with a range of disabilities. As if this wasn’t enough, she is also currently in her fourth year of a part-time law and criminology degree.


Kirsty said:

I love to keep busy, and I still have so much I want to achieve in life, but writing more children’s books is high on the list and I hope the public enjoy this first published book to enable me to continue.


Illustrated by Marisa Straccia and written by Kirsty Shea-Mckee, The Adventures of Lolloping Lola is available on Amazon, click below:


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