Harrogate Spring Water progress plans to build bottling plant on area of woodland

7 February 2024

Harrogate Spring Water/ Danone have said that they have submitted a revised planning application to build a water bottling plant on an area of Woodland, The Rotary Woods.

The main change is the inclusion of a 2-acre area of a field to be planted with trees, and accessible to the public.

Currently the legal and planning arrangements for the proposed 2-acre site is not clear, particularly how it can be assured that it will be developed, and how it wouldn’t be then potentially used for a further development by Danone.

Outline planning permission for its expansion was given in 2017 by the Harrogate Borough Council Committee, but was opposed by community groups. That opposition remains.



The Reserved Matters application which the company has put forward to North Yorkshire Council contains details on the size and design of the expanded production facility as well as information on matters including landscaping.

To comment on the application please email planningcomments.har@northyorks.gov.uk

Quoting reference 20/01539/REMMAJ and saying if you support or oppose the application, along with reasons.


  1. Harrogate SPring water is SYNONYMOUS with the town and is RESPONSIBLE for much of its wealth and reputation. This progressive development should be approved and the opposition from misguided nimbys who have attached yheir emotions to a oatch of immature woodland ignored

    • So our reputation as a spa town that’s had a prestigIOUS standing since Victorian times started with Harrogate Bore Water? You do realise they aren’t bottling spring water, right?

      My daughter helped to plant those trees. We use the woodland all the time. It’s on my road.
      They aren’t immature trees. A lot have been there nearly 20 years now. They’re finally starting to give back to the environment. When the kids planted them they were told it was a community woodland.

      Have you taken any time to research Danone and their water bottling practices? In France they’re accused of starting a drought with Vittel.
      They’ve already been testing further bore holes as the the current ones aren’t producing enough. How many holes? How much water stolen before you decide it’s probably going too far? Maybe we should chop down the entire Pinewoods, industry is very important of course.
      Unless you’re wanting a job with them or you have shares, there’s no valid reason to be supportive of their destruction.

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