How is online bingo different from bingo halls

5 January 2024

The rise of technology has led to some interesting developments in the world of bingo and the landscape has changed to accommodate every type of player.

Bingo halls have been an institution in the UK for years and are the gathering place for bingo fans to play and socialise. However, the invention of the internet has seen players moving online to try and win the jackpot. This has led to some bingo hall closures across Britain, but virtual platforms are no substitute for the in-person experience.

While the fundamental principles of the game stay the same, the experience offered differs greatly. Here are the primary differences between online bingo and land-based games in bingo halls:

Accessibility and Convenience

Online bingo offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience. We don’t always have the time to make the trip to your local bingo hall, but Internet games give you the flexibility to play a game from the comfort of your home or when you’re on the go.

These types of games are ideal if you don’t have a local branch nearby or a convenient means of transport. With the internet, your location doesn’t impact your ability to play – as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and a smart device or laptop.

Technological Advancements

Technology has had a transformative impact on the gaming experience and offers more immersive features than ever. You’ll find an exciting variety of bingo games available, including those inspired by popular TV series and characters.

You’ll find interactive interfaces that have made the game more user-friendly. New games are at your fingertips with just a push of a button and include graphics that completely upgrade gameplay. Not to mention the live chat features and accessible moderators that are integrated into online platforms to assist you, should the need arise.

If you’re looking for a more traditional experience, the bingo hall is for you. Technology has made its mark here too, as players can now enjoy computerised bingo cards that keep track of all numbers called automatically. Some establishments even offer slot machines so you can play surrounded by other bingo fans in person.

Social Interaction

Bingo is always better when playing with friends and both online and land-based versions offer exciting social experiences. With bingo halls, you can meet fellow players face-to-face and make new friends. It can be a fun night out and a great opportunity to catch up with your pals in the flesh while enjoying the game the old-fashioned way.

On the other hand, online bingo has limitless connection potential. You still have the opportunity to be a part of a community if you choose, thanks to the endless chat rooms available. This is particularly attractive for those of us who feel some anxiety at meeting new people and allow friendships to form comfortably.


Online and land-based bingo come with their own unique benefits and the right version for you will depend on your preferred way to play. It’s important to remember that in either case, you’re playing the same game with the same intention – to enjoy yourself and hopefully win a jackpot prize!

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