Belzona Donates £10,000 to White Rose Forest

20 December 2023

Belzona has donated £10,000 to the White Rose Forest.

The donation is part of a two-year charity partnership, Belzona has been working closely with the community forest, volunteering to collect acorns and grow trees which will be planted in the local area. The White Rose Forest, located across Noth and West Yorkshire, is committed to working in partnership with local authorities, landowners, businesses and communities to increase woodland across the region and improve our natural environment.

Staff at Belzona were able to fundraise £5000 for the White Rose Forest through a range of events, including climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, participating in The Great North Run, and hosting a Virtual Race Night. Belzona’s directors pledged to match the raised amount, as the White Rose Forest’s goals resonate with Belzona’s own mission – to achieve a sustainable future. As a result, their generous contribution of an additional £5000 brought the total donation amount to £10,000.

Last October, staff collected over 100kg of acorns from ancient and veteran oak trees at Jacob Smith Park, Knaresborough and Ripley Castle. KindleWoods, a non-profit organization and partner of White Rose Forest, helped to coordinate these events. The organization is dedicated to harnessing the therapeutic effects of nature to enhance mental well-being within the local community. The Arium in Leeds, who have sorted and grown the saplings pictured above, reported the acorns were of particularly good quality and size due to the age of the oak trees in Knaresborough and Ripley, resulting in a success rate of over 80%.

When they are ready, these young oak trees will be planted locally with the help of the Belzona team, to grow the next generation of oak woodland. With the success of this project in mind, Belzona looks forward to supporting more environmental causes in future. The company has officially confirmed its partnership with KindleWoods to continue the acorn project and explore additional opportunities in 2024.

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