Leeds in the Top 10 Places to Buy a Used Car

28 November 2023

The experience of buying a used car can vary tremendously, according to a range of factors. One of the most important of these factors is the part of the country we’re shopping in.

Areas with higher average incomes tend to demand higher prices for used vehicles. But there are other things that contribute to the experience, too, and not all of them are easily quantified.

Recently, researchers from Moneybarn have attempted to come up with an ordered list of the best places in the UK to buy a used car. Researchers took data from Car Dealer Reviews and examined towns and cities where there were more than twenty dealerships. Since there are many car dealers in Leeds, the city made the list!

Leeds managed to scrape into the top ten – coming in joint ninth place with Hull.

How did Leeds measure up?

The researchers gave the city an overall score of 6.08. We should note, however, that in terms of price, there is a significant disparity between the two areas. Leeds residents can expect to pay, on average, £5,207 for a used car (the researchers used the price of the average Ford Fiesta as the point of comparison). In Hull, however, the average is £11,765 – more than double that of its nearest rival.

What are the best places to buy a used car in the UK?

Leeds isn’t the only city in Yorkshire to feature in the top ten. Barnsley came in eighth, with an average price of £6,126; Bradford, meanwhile, came in second, with an average price of just £2,822.

So, who came in at the very top of the pile? It’s Gravesend, in Kent, where the average vehicle comes in at £5,161, and just 9% of reviews were described as ‘terrible’ (the figure is 27.8% for Leeds).

How much is a used car on average?

The price of the average used car, which was buoyed by the supply problems that affected new cars during the pandemic and the silicon shortage, is now relaxing. In October 2023, the Cap HPI reported a 4.2% drop in prices, which is the largest single drop the listing has seen in more than a decade.

Where can you buy second-hand cars?

If you’re in the market for a second-hand vehicle, then you’ll have several options to consider. You might look at online services, franchised dealers, brokers, classified websites, or at buying directly from the previous owner. You can expect to pay more at a franchised dealer, but you’ll get peace of mind and a face-to-face service. If you’re buying from a broker, then you could secure a bargain – but you’re taking a risk, since you won’t be able to test-drive the car.

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