How does a modern AI bot help with gambling? Secrets in the Online Slot Industry

22 November 2023

Artificial intelligence has impacted the iGaming industry for longer than we realise; its influence on casinos (online and land-based), sports betting, and lottery companies is growing.

Controversial developments in AI have introduced many time-saving opportunities for designers. With new designs in online slot machines continuously pumped out by developers to keep players entertained, suppliers can’t help but consider that AI models with fast-tracked designs could be the answer to streamlined content provision.

Looking at the role that AI could play in developing slot releases, operators, suppliers, and stakeholders attend the SBC Summit Barcelona to discuss a range of topics surrounding AI and its impact on game design.

The overriding opinion is that AI hasn’t replaced anyone (yet) but offers enormous benefits to the designers, and developers feel that it’s improving quality. Industry insiders gossip that designers “can be a bit lazy,” so AI can be used as an editor to scoop up the mistakes and streamline the delivery. But that’s not all it can help with.

AI Improving the Gaming Experience

Artificial intelligence is taking over more and more industries, including the casino industry. AI is often working in the background of casino games without us even noticing. Aleksandra Andrishak reveals how AI helps in slot game creation, which is great news for slotsjudge readers.

She says that artificial intelligence helps us to choose games which are suited to our taste without having to scroll through hundreds of games. It can even track our spending habits to ensure the safety of online casino players. And with AI improving and evolving all the time, the future looks promising for the industry.

AI Bots and the Slot Development Process

Vladyslav Garanko, CBDO at Platipus Ltd, gave his view about using mass effect gambling ai, stating that ChatGPT is very effective in visualisation. When you understand the concept and you want to relay it to a designer who will have to draw it correctly, ChatGPT can nail down a perfect description, making it possible to visualise it for the designer to understand and proceed.

AI provides visualisation techniques for the gambling industry, which is advantageous, but AI bots are useless overall.


Can AI Create a Slot Game from Scratch?

The consensus is yes, an ai gambling bot can create a game from scratch, but it would not be successful because too many elements can go wrong. AI is a tool, and the skill is in the prompts. You must be super detailed with your prompts to get the best results.

Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at the slot developer Endorphina based in Prague, said, “Slight mistakes made by AI art models can add character to a game.” In reality, AI-imagined art in any form is okay but not great.

The overall opinion is that if you want a throwaway game with a limited life, then use it, but until the next generation rolls out – real people still have the edge.

How to Use AI to its Best Effect

In response to the notion that current AI technology is limited, experts at the summit agree that ChatGPT (4) has an IQ equivalent to Steven Hawking. At the same time, its future successor, ChatGPT (5), will almost certainly be ten times as smart.

If you’re planning to use AI, here are some helpful tips:

  • Identify the problem: Determine the specific issue you want to solve or the task you want to automate.

  • Collect data: Gather the data you need to train the AI system. The data must be relevant, accurate, and comprehensive.

  • Use the correct prompts: Be detailed in your approach to AI; remember, AI bots are only as good as the information you feed them.

  • Expect to fail: Don’t expect perfect results the first time.

Here’s a question for those in the know – will AI help humanity or hinder it? Have we opened a Pandora’s box that will strip creativity? Ask Elon Musk, who, according to CNBC, said AI will potentially become the “most disruptive force in history.”

Musk has repeatedly warned of the threats AI poses to humanity, most recently urging for a pause in developing more advanced AI than OpenAI’s GPT-4. When it comes to slots, and the use of ai in gambling industry, the verdict on AI is not so profound, but it’s still a concern.

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