Welcome to Yorkshire unsecured debt is now £3,170, 469, following insolvency

6 November 2023

The receivers for Welcome to Yorkshire, Armstrong Young, have released a statement of account.

Welcome to Yorkshire went into administration in 2022, and was the tourist agency for Yorkshire.

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Debt to unsecured debtors is £3,170,469 previously Welcome to Yorkshire’s estimate was £1,803,202.

Keith Tordoff MBE, Independent Candidate Mayor York and North Yorkshire 2024, said:

The receivers for Welcome to Yorkshire have released the amount of debts and a list of some of the largest creditors owed money.

North Yorkshire Council are owed £1.3 million and were unsuccessful against a private company in purchasing from the receivers the Welcome to Yorkshire title.

North Yorkshire Council kept pumping Council taxpayers money into an organisation which was failing yet didn’t have the business acumen to secure the asset of the Welcome to Yorkshire brand name against the loans.

The loss of the Welcome to Yorkshire brand and of course the invested monies is a massive failure by some members of the North Yorkshire Council who were either on the board of Welcome to Yorkshire or those authorising the unsecured loans. The taxpayers deserve better and those Councillors on North Yorkshire who were involved should consider their position.

If elected Independent Mayor of North Yorkshire in 2024 I guarantee when spending Council taxpayers money that it will be done with due diligence and business competency.

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