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Rory Hoy DJ – new single ‘My House’

30 October 2023

Rory Hoy has released a new single ‘My House’ on Okano Records, and it is out On Spotify –

It is pure uptempo disco house mayhem, and has had support from some big DJ’s, as well as airplay on BBC Radio.

Rory said:

The tune ‘My House’ is basically my “love letter” for uptempo funky disco-orientated House music.

I’ve been a fan of House music since I was around 11 years old, and House has always played a part in my musical journey. As I grew up with the 1990’2/2000’s Funky House era, I wanted to do a nostalgic tribute to that era, that helped define my formative years.

I’ve had an incredibly busy year; DJ-ing every weekend from the beginning of April, lots of record releases, a new book published, and I met up again with my pal Fatboy Slim and with John Cleese, Danny Glover and Rita Ora too!


Rory’s fantastic gig yesterday recently at Pryzm in Leeds for Raver Tots Halloween Party – Full house and incredible vibe

rory hoy rory hoy rory hoy rory hoy

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