Harrogate - 7 April 2020

Changes of Valley Garden display beds to allow soil recovery

8 October 2023

There are changes in Valley Gardens, in Harrogate, to allow the soil in some of the existing beds

North Yorkshire Council’s corporate director for the environment, Karl Battersby, said:

The Valley Gardens are a much-loved and popular area.

Part of its appeal is its floral colourful bedding displays, however, over the last two years we noticed the existing bed designs had deteriorated, with the plants not showing their full potential.

During the summer months, soil sampling took place and the results showed there was a lack of potassium in the soil and the beds were ‘worn out’.

Work has now started on creating exciting new displays in the area. We have turfed over the old beds and have now started creating the new ones. Over the next month people will see them all being completed and planted with bright, new flowers.

We’re confident the new displays will be just as popular with residents and visitors as the old ones.

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