Oatlands Community Junior School continues to be a good school says Ofsted

2 October 2023

In April 2018, Ofsted reported that Oatlands Junior School was ‘Good’.

Following a Section 8 inspection* in July 2023, Ofsted has confirmed that Oatlands Junior School continues to be a ‘Good’ school with “enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school could be judged outstanding if we were to carry out a graded (section 5) inspection now.

This recent Ofsted report particularly praises the school’s inclusivity, reporting that leaders and staff “help every pupil, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), to be the very best that they can be.” The report goes on to say, “They have linked
the curriculum, school values and life skills by three threads. These are to promote equality and diversity, to provoke curiosity and to embed safe behaviours.”

In addition to commending the school’s “broad and interesting” curriculum and approach to teaching, the report highlights that “behaviour in lessons is exemplary. Pupils are highly motivated, curious learners. They are not afraid to make mistakes. This is one of their school
values. Pupils help each other in and out of lessons. They work and play together harmoniously.

There is no sense of inequality. Pupils value the contribution that each must make. Equality, diversity and British values weave through the curriculum and everyday school life. As a result, pupils value and respect difference.

Oatlands Junior School Headteacher Estelle Scarth

Headteacher of Oatlands Junior School, Mrs Estelle Scarth, said:

The report certainly captures everything about Oatlands Junior School that we are immensely proud of and quite rightly describes all the outstanding evidence that was found throughout a very thorough inspection. Our success is firmly based on the dedication and talents of everyone that works in our school, the strong, positive relationships that we have with our parents and carers, and of course, all the amazing children in our care.

Oatlands Junior School, along with Western Primary and Harrogate Grammar School, were the founding schools in the newly formed, Red Kite Learning Trust, in 2015. This has grown into a multi-academy trust of 14 schools across North and West Yorkshire.

Director of Primary Education for Red Kite Learning Trust, Amanda Thornton Jones said:

Ofsted recognised the strong collaborative approach within our Trust and how talent and expertise of staff are developed across all our schools. Oatlands Junior School has a highly trained, dedicated and expert team led by an exceptional Headteacher. Mrs Scarth’s high aspirations and vision are shared by all within the school community. Oatlands Junior is a highly successful school, providing a rich curriculum which releases potential and creates amazing opportunities for all pupils.



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