Zoe Metcalfe
Zoe Metcalfe - Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

The system works to protect name of officer accused of abusive, controlling and coercive behaviour to a number of females

31 August 2023

On the 30 August 2023, North Yorkshire Police held a misconduct hearings, but took the decision to hold it behind a closed door, and have declined to name the officer involved.

North Yorkshire Police have, of recent, not properly held misconduct hearings in public, but those attending were only allowed to view the hearing via a video link in a separate room. That meant that people attending were limited in viewing the officer involved.

North Yorkshire Police are protecting the identity of an officer that is alleged to have subjected females to unwanted, abusive, controlling and/or coercive behaviour during the course of his relationship with them.

It is also not been made clear why it is subject of a misconduct hearing, and has not been raised with the Crown Prosecution Service, for a potential charge.

Zoe Metcalfe, the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner was asked to comment on the process that North Yorkshire Police of protecting the individual, but has declined to comment.

The no-comment approach is particularly of concern as she claims to be championing violence towards women and children. The secrecy behind this is damaging to her personally, the police, and will further do nothing to encourage people to come forward. This is no ordinary case of a claim of abusive, controlling and/or coercive behaviour – those who have made the claims will have known the added difficulty in it being against a serving officer.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said:

It is the decision of the Legally Qualified Chair to hold a hearing in private.

The hearing is expected to conclude on 31 August 2023.


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