Harrogate’s Ripley Castle to Transform into Culinary Wonderland For Bank Holiday Weekend

17 August 2023

Organisers promise one of their ‘finest’ cookery theatre line ups today, over 100 stalls and tributes to ABBA, Ellie Goulding & Robbie Williams.

In just one week, the Harrogate Food and Drink Festival will unfold amidst the stunning backdrop of Ripley Castle, inviting food enthusiasts and families alike to partake in a diverse array of culinary and entertainment experiences. Festival Director, Michael Johnston, elaborates on what festival-goers can anticipate from this eagerly awaited event.

A Melodic Lineup

This year’s festival promises an eclectic mix of live musical performances. Audiences can relish in an ABBA Tribute on Saturday, an Ellie Goulding Tribute on Sunday, and a charismatic Robbie Williams Tribute on Monday. Johnston emphasises, “Music aficionados are in for a treat with this captivating lineup.”

Culinary Artistry

Collaborating with Yorkshire Food Guide, the festival is set to present a Cookery Theatre lineup that promises to inspire both budding chefs and seasoned gastronomes. Johnston underlines, “Attendees can look forward to an educational and engaging culinary journey, where top chefs will be sharing their expertise.”

A Blend of Entertainment

From avant-garde roaming acts to riveting performing arts displays, the festival’s entertainment offerings are set to captivate attendees. Johnston remarks, “Prepare to be enthralled by the unique and diverse range of entertainment we’ve curated for this year’s event.”

Palate-Pleasing Workshops

Delving into the world of flavours, the festival will offer workshops dedicated to the art of Gin, Cheese, Charcuterie, and Cocktail making/tasting. “These interactive sessions aim to offer a deeper understanding of taste profiles and the craftsmanship behind some of our favourite culinary indulgences,” states Johnston.

Gastronomic Odyssey

Festival-goers can anticipate a blend of new culinary ventures and returning favourites. Johnston shares, “The festival’s diverse food and drink offerings reflect the region’s rich culinary tapestry, catering to a wide range of palates.”

Family-Focused Fun

Beyond adult-oriented experiences, the festival caters to families with live shows, circus workshops, kids’ drawing competitions, and even Ian’s Mobile Farm. Johnston underscores, “The festival is designed to be an inclusive event, where families can enjoy quality time together.”

Mark Your Calendars

The Harrogate Food and Drink Festival is scheduled to run from August 26th to 28th at Ripley Castle, adjacent to Ripley Cricket Club. Johnston expresses enthusiasm, “We’re eager to welcome attendees to what promises to be a remarkable celebration of gastronomy and community.”

Supporting Mental Health

The festival continues its partnership with ‘Mind in Harrogate,’ a charity dedicated to assisting individuals dealing with mental health challenges.

Mike Johnston said:

By participating in the festival, attendees contribute to this important cause. We’ve raised over £91,000 so far for local mental health charities.

With an assortment of music, food, beverages, and entertainment on the horizon, the Harrogate Food and Drink Festival is poised to create lasting memories. As the event draws near, it’s clear that attendees can look forward to a weekend that caters to their senses, curiosity, and community spirit.

For further details, ticket information, and the latest updates, please visit the festival’s official website at www.harrogatefoodfestival.com

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