Councillor Tyler Callum Wilson-Kerr is the youngest candidate for the Selby & Ainsty By-Election, at 24 years old
Councillor Tyler Callum Wilson-Kerr is the youngest candidate for the Selby & Ainsty By-Election, at 24 years old

Youngest Selby & Ainsty by-election candidate

12 July 2023

Councillor Tyler Callum Wilson-Kerr is the youngest candidate for the Selby & Ainsty By-Election, at 24 years old.

He is standing as an Independent Candidate.

Tyler said:

I’m a 24 year old graduate in Business and Economics from Leeds Trinity University, I work for a Leeds aerospace engineering firm and am a serving councillor on Aberford and District Parish Council.

I’ve always been politically aware, but what really got me into it was being a Key Worker at Tesco during Lockdown while I was at University. Because everywhere was shut down, supermarkets became community hubs.

I would chat with people and folk felt so unrepresented. I looked at Westminster and thought ‘what can I do to Stop the Waffle?’ So I decided to get involved and offer something different, to my fellow Yorkshire citizens.

My ‘key priorities’ include a OneYorkshire devolution Deal, with a single Yorkshire Mayor or Yorkshire parliament.

Key priorities:

  • Abolish Section 21 No-Fault evictions, Section 24 “Tennant Taxes”
  • Clamping down on absentee landlords.
  • Rent controls for poorer families&100% premium tax on second homes.
  • Create 5000 Social Housing units across the constituency by working with Town & Parish Councils to respond to residents’ needs and ensure green areas are protected.

On the current energy problem, Tyler said:

Creating jobs in renewable energy firms, including converting old disused Ainsty collieries into Geothermal energy plants. I also want to create many more solar and wind developments in the area, while looking into Allegations that Smog & Pollution from DRAX power plant is causing health issues int he constituency.

Looking at re-opening some coal mines across Yorkshire to create well-paid jobs, cutting Britain’s ‘addiction’ to imports from China, Russia, and elsewhere. We still use coal and need steel to build renewable energy sources like Turbines & Solar pannels- I believe it is more environmentally friendly to use British coal which is extracted with carbon scrubbing and environmental regulations, than it is to export emissions to the global south and rely on dirty coal mined using child labour & minign waste being thrown into rivers.

Britain needs a modern, eclectic and diverse energy mix to power our economy, grow wages, increase our balance of trade, reduce inflation, preventing the risks of climate-change-related ecological collapse.

If elected, Create a Bill to mandate all new build private housing by Developers must come pre-installed with Heat Pumps, solar panels, wind turbines.


Tyler also has plans around policing, Tyler said:

I will push for greater accountability from the police, with inquiries into historic & recent failings to protect women and girls across Yorkshire.

To prevent a ‘brain drain’ of young people from the constituency, I support better links between colleges and high schools&would abolish tuition fees.

Basically, I just want to improve lots of different bits of society and our economy, I don’t really believe in left and right, I think democracy happens when people vote with their conscious.

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