Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra summer concert

Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra summer concert

5 July 2023

Saturday 8th July at 7:30pm at St Marks Church, Leeds Road, Harrogate
Conductor: Yannis Daoutis Leader: Richard Powell

Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra is delighted to continue our celebration of female composers;

For our summer concert we are performing 3 orchestral arrangements of piano duets and quartets.
Melanie Bonis was a prolific French late-Romantic composer, many of her works published under the pseudonym Mel-Bonis. She studied at the Conservatoire where she shared the benches with Debussy and won their First Prize in Harmony in 1880. Her Suite en Forme de Valses presented today was arranged mainly by the composer herself from a piano duet into orchestral work.

Our second work by a female composer is Cecile Chaminade’s Air De Ballet arranged by Gillet. Chaminade composed over 400 pieces in 86 years, an accomplished performer herself she was a favourite of Queen Victoria. Her composition style was often reviewed as feminine, and she was looked down upon for lacking a full Conservatory education. Further to this a shift in taste at the turn of the century meant she had to work through some adversity to perfect her craft, succeeding to become more popular especially in the United States where ‘Chaminade Clubs’ were formed to perform her music.

Lastly Harrogate Philharmonic will perform an orchestrated arrangement of Brahms Piano Quartet in G minor.

Tickets are available in advance online from www.harrogatephilharmonicorchestra.org.uk (with Paypal),

Or on the door (cards now accepted) £12 adults, £5 students with cards and under 16s and carers assisting wheelchair users are FREE.

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