Celebrating the little acts of kindness

20 June 2023

‘Be kind’ has become a buzzword in recent years but students at Rossett School have been learning how even a small act of kindness can have a big impact – and they are being recognised for demonstrating it themselves.

From helping a classmate with their work to showing consideration to strangers, students are being celebrated for their kindness through a new weekly initiative called Rossett Heroes.

Teacher Adam Otway said:

It’s the little everyday acts carried out without thought of reward or praise that are hugely important but can often be overlooked. Rossett Heroes invites nominations for students who have shown kindness, and hopes to encourage others to do the same.

It is an absolute joy to read through the nominations every week. I particularly love it when we get nominations from parents or when members of the public get in touch to say how kind, helpful or polite one of our students has been.

School assemblies have focused on the difference that kindness can make. This has included looking at the results of clinical studies about the many mental and physical benefits that come with being kind. Students have also been invited to make their own nominations for small acts of kindness that might not have been noticed by staff.

Mr Otway said:

Kindness is absolutely crucial to the school and everybody in it. We are aiming to create an environment at Rossett that values kindness, selflessness, teamwork and responsibility.

Although I haven’t really been counting, it is noticeable that as the weeks go by, the numbers of nominations are increasing – kindness is contagious.

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