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Disqualified drug driver gets in his car outside Harrogate Courts to drive home, leading to a pursuit

21 March 2023

A man was in the Harrogate courts on 20 March 2023, and  was convicted and disqualified from driving.

Unbelievably, he left the courtroom and got straight behind the wheel of a car to drive home. Officers got behind the vehicle and requested it to stop, which it failed to do.

From there, he then drove dangerously along the A59 and north onto the A1M. Weaving dangerously in and out of traffic and using all the lanes including the hard shoulder, the vehicle reached speeds of over 140mph

The vehicle then headed towards Leeming, where a stinger was deployed by the ARV team before being safely stopped & the driver arrested.

The driver demonstrated a complete disregard for road safety and the judicial system.

Driver has been charged and remanded to court for today (21 March 2023)


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