Harrogate Grammar School excelled in a contemporary staging of ‘A Christmas Carol’

A Christmas Carol captivates with a novel and unique performance

8 December 2022

Students of Harrogate Grammar School excelled in a contemporary staging of ‘A Christmas Carol’, as the audience were captivated by the innovative approach to the production.

The traditional story provided the inspiration for a new and refreshing take on Scrooge’s transformation from a greedy, ill-tempered miser, to the epitome of kindness and generosity. The audience watched, fascinated, as Ebeneezer Scrooge met the spirits of Christmas past, present and future.

Students from years seven to thirteen made up a cast that demonstrated talent, creativity and hard work in the intricately choreographed performance. Harry Phillips spooked the audience with his entrancing portrayal of the ghostly Jacob Marley, who had come to warn Scrooge of his potential demise. Not one, but five or more students represented each of the three ghosts, speaking in unison. This created a mesmerising haunting echo that hypnotised the audience as they too fell under the spell of the spirits.

William Middleton, year thirteen, showcased his incredible acting ability through his convincing depiction of the grouchy Ebeneezer Scrooge. ‘It’s been a fantastic experience,’ said William, who intends to study Law next year. ‘A lot of research has gone into this, and inspiration from other people. Mr Bennett gave me some videos I could watch to improve my voice, and I drew on roles I’ve played in the past.’

William further emphasised the value of drama for all, asserting that ‘ability to communicate with people through all sorts of media is crucial in so many jobs out there. The ability to express yourself how you want to, through a form such as this, is fantastic.’

Year twelve students, Izzy Trigoso and Amelia McQuire, who played gentlewomen in the play, were full of praise for their ‘drama family’ and said, ‘performing, for us, is a huge part of what we enjoy.’

Harrogate Grammar School excelled in a contemporary staging of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Alex Bennett, Faculty Leader of Performing Arts, said, ‘a production like this only happens because of the huge team effort and weeks of work that so many other people have put in. The Art Faculty, who created an atmospheric street of shop fronts, alongside the site team who erected the scaffolding, showcases how well the staff at Harrogate Grammar School support each other.’

‘For me, it’s been a wonderful experience to get a whole cast of students together from year seven to thirteen. I saw them come together as an ensemble and make friends outside of their year groups. The vertical nature of this year’s performance has been incredible, and the support the children have for each other is quite inspirational. There’s something really special here about the students at Harrogate Grammar School, at how they want to do well, achieve, and want to share that with people.’

Harrogate Grammar School excelled in a contemporary staging of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Neil Renton, Headteacher, said, ‘A Christmas Carol’ was an exceptional performance, showcasing the talent and the resilience of everyone involved. It’s a real privilege and joy to see young people across all the different year groups working together to produce such an impressive performance.’

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