Ginny Nicholls, founder of Interim Digital
Ginny Nicholls, founder of Interim Digital

Harrogate entrepreneur celebrates success of pioneering freelancer community

5 December 2022

Harrogate-based virtual agency, Interim Digital, is celebrating its first full year in business, which was founded to revolutionise the freelancer community model.

Change of working methods has accelerated businesses’ digital transformations and during the last year alone, there have been nearly 54,000 new digital marketing positions become available. T

he agency was launched as a way to help plug the growing digital skills gap that agencies across the UK are facing. In their first 12 months of doing business, the Interim community has grown to 70 members and turned over £200,000 in revenue.

Keen to revolutionise the way digital marketing agencies do business, Interim Digital has capitalised on this demand for digital talent by growing a trusted and highly experienced community of digital specialists from ex-agency backgrounds.

The fast-growing ‘agency for agencies’ currently works with 67 freelancers in the digital community and supports work across 13 different markets.

By adopting a community-led approach, Interim Digital has attracted and retained the very best freelancers in the industry through a mix of freelancer referral incentives, clear payment terms, and most importantly, creating a culture of working for an agency but in a freelancer environment

Freelancer Remie Lund, who has been working with Interim since 2021 said:

Interim Digital has transformed the way I work with agencies. I’ve been able to work on significantly larger brands than I was able to attract as a freelancer on my own, and the processes, group work collaboration, and protection of working within an agency without being tied to them, has made freelancing much less stressful. Best of all, it doesn’t cost me a thing. It’s a win-win for agencies and freelancers.

Founder of Interim Digital, Ginny Nicholls, has worked in the digital marketing industry for over 12 years now.

Ginny said:

Demand for digital marketing talent is at an all-time high. Recruiters are struggling to find candidates to fill roles that agencies are desperate for, as many have turned to freelance work due to COVID and a desire to find a better work-life balance. If they do manage to fill a role, it’s costing companies much more for even the most junior roles that now command significantly larger salaries.

That’s where Interim Digital comes in. We provide immediate support for agencies across digital marketing projects by sourcing highly experienced freelancers that are perfectly tailored to the digital brief. Our freelance community consists exclusively of ex-agency talent and ex-brand who have a lot of experience and unique specialisms so that agencies can meet their clients’ needs without the high salary tag and cost of recruitment. It’s a model that is working well for both our agency partners and our freelancers.

Whilst Interim’s HQ is located in Yorkshire, they work with freelancers all over the UK and aim to expand their client base in the same way; the company aims to diversify and widen the success of the freelancer community model with future plans to expand into the US and Australia.

For more information about Interim Digital please visit:

More on Interim:

  • They are based in Harrogate and use flexible working, using a  part-time co-working scheme at Wizu in Harrogate
  • They can work on specific deliverables such as copy writing or a website audit through to more sustained agency team support.
  • If the project is a specific deliverable/task we manage the production in partnership with the freelancer and supply the work back to the client (hence agency for agencies). If an agency requires more in depth support across say a key client or for a specific team then we work with our community to find members who fit the requirements. They’ll then have chemistry calls with our client, and they can select who they would like to partner with on that specific requirement.
  • They want Interim to be a community of freelancers , they e committed to creating a culture whereby people feel part of a team without having to be within the traditional 4 walls of employment. To do this they individually vet every single one of their members to make sure we’re the right fit for each other, they have a freelancer perk scheme which includes referral fees and commission schemes,
  • They are kick starting a “share the load” scheme whereby community members can turn to each other if they’re overwhelmed with their own workload.
  • Throughout 2023 we’ll be focusing heavily on knowledge sharing in the community via joint webinars, content collaborations and in person meet-ups!
  • Outside of digital as they grow, they also want the community to help our members’ local communities by raising awareness of causes and charities that are close to their hearts.
  • As it’s their first year as a community with a home is Harrogate, this year we’ll be making a donation to the Harrogate Foodbank to help local families over Christmas.

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