Andrew Jones MP
Andrew Jones MP

Andrew Jones MP reflects on Liz Truss as PM

20 October 2022

Andrew Jones MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough.

Andrew Jones MP said:

It is a very sad day for Liz Truss. We should take a few moments to reflect on a human level the personal tragedy for her. She has spent much of her life with political ambition wanting to serve the country as its Prime Minister. I am sure today she is having a range of emotions right now from sorrow to relief to anger.

As difficult as today is for her it has, I’m afraid, been inevitable and it is the national interest that matters. It was an enormous and unforced error to bring forward the mini-Budget without an assessment by the Office of Budget Responsibility and an accompanying statement on departmental spending.

It was a mistake for her to surround herself with just supporters and not form a broader-based team.

Ms Truss began to undo the damage with the appointment of Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor who jettisoned a lot of the mistakes she had made, calmed the markets and emphasised the need for stability.

But the personal damage to her was done and too severe for her to have any hope of recovery. That is why she had to go. It has felt in parliament that over the last week her authority had been seeping away.

Her successor needs to bring on board all the talents available to them. Our politics and our country need a period of calm stability and I look forward, at last, to that being delivered.

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