Pinewoods Harrogate
Pinewoods Harrogate

Harrogate Spring Water undertake geophysical survey

28 September 2022

Harrogate Spring Water have said that they have been undertaking surveys of the aquifer under the Pinewoods.

A spokesperson for Harrogate Spring Water said:

Over the summer, we have been doing a geophysical survey of parts of the land to the rear of our facility in order to create a 3D map of its geology.

The reason for the survey is to better understand the bedrock geology in the area as part of our aquifer management and to better understand the potential water capability of the aquifer. This is a routine part of the responsible management of our water source, alongside work such as weekly monitoring of borehole performance via depth and meter readings and weekly rainfall recording.

We work with a local family-run company that helps us manage our boreholes and explore the areas around Harrogate for new sustainable sources of high-quality water, which is a prudent part of responsible water management.

The work that was carried out on the borehole at Harlow Nurseries was a standard pump test to understand the potential availability of water from the aquifer.

We have no immediate plans for a new borehole, but if an opportunity to enhance our water security arose, and a landowner showed an interest in having us drill on their land, we would work with that landowner and the Environment Agency to ensure that any source was 100% sustainable, in compliance with the regulatory regime.

The boreholes which we use take up only a few square metres of land, which is normally in a corner of a field or hidden by a screen of shrubs or trees.

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  1. This is interesting news. I’m glad to hear that they are taking measures to ensure the sustainability of their water sources.

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