North Yorkshire Lib Dems condemn fracking plans

26 September 2022

North Yorkshire Liberal Democrats have condemned plans to bring back fracking.

The practice was halted in 2019 amid earth tremor concerns – but is now back on the agenda under new prime minister Liz Truss’s government.

The county’s official opposition group will urge North Yorkshire Council to reject fracking on land it controls, accusing the Conservatives of “more broken promises”.

Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition on North Yorkshire County Council Bryn Griffiths, said:

Fracking would lead to significantly more hydrocarbon gases being burnt and would add to our Climate Crisis.

Across large parts of the county it would be highly risky, with the potential to pollute the aquifers. Residents rely on their drinking water from these aquifers.

North Yorkshire should not allow fracking to take place in the county.

Liberal Democrats in Government helped homeowners with subsidies on solar panels and offered 0% interest loans, we were on track toward energy independence a decade ago.

This was torn up by the Tories, they’ve left our country energy dependent and at the mercy of brutes like Putin.

The Tories can’t be trusted with governing this country, because they serve the interests of big energy companies, not the people.

Join the North Yorkshire Liberal Democrats, with your backing we can put a stop to this.


Steve Mason, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Amotherby and Ampleforth, which is nearby one of the potential fracking sites added:

I firmly believe this will lead to more damaging CO2 emissions and division within our community again, without having any impact on the price we pay for our energy.

I am acutely aware of the generational impacts on our children and grandchildren of climate change. Global warming is a scientific fact and requires urgent action to mitigate it. By increasing our use and dependence on fracking, the future looks even more unsustainable.

Our focus must remain on renewables and green energy, and not forcing our community backwards again or imposing fracking without community consent.

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