How to modernise a country cottage and still keep its character

5 September 2022

Cottages frequently have a rustic or “period” feel to them, such as stone walls, wooden beams, odd floor plans, and little storage space that can be difficult to make full use of. How can a cottage be updated for the modern era without losing its unique charm? Here are some of the best ways in which you can bring your cottage into the 21st century.

Flooring and woodwork

The natural colour of the wooden flooring can be enhanced by applying a few coats of varnish, giving the wood a gorgeous, rich gloss. Make sure before adding the gloss, that you have scrubbed and sanded the wood to allow the varnish to help improve the quality and prevent damage from further occurring.

Getting some new windows can be a great way to, not only make a room feel larger, but also to bring some natural light into your room to help save energy,’ explained Yorkshire Conservatories UK who offer a wide range of windows in Yorkshire.

A fresh layer of paint

This may be an obvious one – however, you cannot underestimate the difference that a fresh coat of paint can add to a room. Opting for neutral colours to help the room feel bright and airy, often cottages have small windows and low ceilings, so try to keep everything as bright as possible to make the space feel bigger and less cluttered.

Maximize space

Complex or unusual layouts might be challenging to plan and accommodate for. Small alcoves should be utilised because they can be turned into shelves or even additional seating space. By including bay window chairs with storage spaces underneath, you can eliminate the need for additional furniture, which can help the room feel larger and more open – and give you an excellent space to relax and unwind.

Lighten up rooms

Try increasing the amount of light that reaches the room, as often hidden spaces frequently feel dark and dreary, which isn’t something that you would expect from a modern home. This can include anything from choosing lighter colour paint and furniture, removing anything that you do not use and choosing light coloured curtains. Add or replace any old light fittings, and try to choose energy-saving bulbs to lower your carbon footprint, and save on your energy bill!

Replace certain features

Often the details of your home make the biggest difference when it comes to modernising your home. Replacing doors can make your home appear more expensive, and modern, further increasing the curb appeal of the property. Anything that appears old-fashioned in the home can be replaced, and with the second-hand market currently booming there is no better time to sell any of your vintage or unused items.

This includes items such as plates and cutlery, which can all be replaced at an affordable price – and make sure that you don’t just focus on the inside of your cottage, the outside is equally as important to creating a contemporary-looking home.

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