Liberal Democrat Councillors launch consultation on Knaresborough High Street

21 August 2022

Newly Elected Liberal Democrat Councillors Hannah Gostlow and Matt Walker have launched a consultation focusing on Knaresborough High Street. Titled “A Starter for 10” the Councillors are asking residents and businesses to share their opinions on Knaresborough’s High Street.

They will be out and about on the High Street talking to residents, shoppers and businesses.

Cllr Hannah Gostlow said:

There has been little or no investment in Knaresborough by North Yorkshire County Council over the last ten years and residents and businesses are fed up.

Now we want North Yorkshire Council to invest in Knaresborough High Street and not just the cars passing through it.

Cllr Walker and I want to push for positive change and we want to make sure the voices of those in Knaresborough are heard.

Matt Walker said:

We are publishing our starter for ten to begin a constructive and positive conversation about the future of the High Street, what people would like to see and how we can make that happen. A starter for 10 is just that, a start of a discussion.

Residents can have their say at

or contacting Cllr Hannah Gostlow on 07867 797594 or by email at

  1. A REVIEW OF SIGNAGE AND INTRODUCTION OF LOADING BAYS – Make signage clearer and create dedicated loading bays for our High Street businesses and allow the traffic to flow.
  2. HERITAGE BOLLARDS – Improve our pavements for pedestrians, especially wheelchair users and those pushing buggies, by preventing vehicles parking on the path.
  3. PARKING BOTH SIDES – Increase parking in the town especially for those businesses on the far side of our High Street
  4. REDUCE SPEED – Make the road more appealing to cyclists and improve the accessibility to shops on the far side of the street by reducing the speed limit to 20mph.
  5. WIDER PAVEMENTS – Improve the journey experience for pedestrians, especially wheelchair users and those pushing buggies or with young children.
  6. STREET TREES – Help to improve the air quality with carbon capturing trees, combat the effects of global warming by giving shade & shelter to pedestrians & cyclists
  7. MORE PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS – Improve the accessibility to shops on the far side of the street and improve the journey experience for pedestrians
  8. EXPAND BUS STATION – Look to use the top of Fisher Street as an extension for the Bus Station and car park, with access for loading only.
  9. EV CHARGING POINTS – Create overnight EV charging bays for residents
  10. CYCLE PARKING – Create safe visible bike parking bays and encourage active travel to our local shops.
    The consultation is open now

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