Knaresborough viaduct
Knaresborough viaduct

7 Great Days Out in Yorkshire

16 August 2022

Yorkshire is such a sprawling and diverse part of the UK that you could easily fill a three-week holiday with different days out. If you’ve only got a limited time to spend in the county, however, it makes sense to prioritise the attractions that really stand apart. Lease a car for the day, and you might be able to pack in several attractions at once!

Let’s take a look at seven candidates for a day out in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

If you’d like to spend a day outdoors in the sunshine while taking in some amazing artwork at the same time, it’s difficult to beat Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Exhibits from Damien Hirst, Robert Indiana and many more form the backbone of this wonderful location.

Flamingo Land

This resort has a unique offering, in the form of a world-class theme park and a world-class zoo. As such, it’ll offer something that’ll appeal to just about anyone, thus it’s a perfect match for family outings.

The Yorkshire Dales

If you’d prefer something that’s a little wilder and more unrestrained, then a hike through the Yorkshire Dales might be just the thing. You could easily spend days or even weeks exploring every corner of the park – so pick out a few hikes that are appropriate for your level of experience. If you’d like to look at the night sky, the Dark Sky Reserve is well worth checking out.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

This is a wildlife park with a difference – you’re going to be walking through it. There are more than 475 animals from sixty different species in this park, as well as the dinosaur-focussed ‘Pangea’ attraction.

Brimham Rocks

If you’re looking to get a close-up view of Yorkshire’s natural beauty, then you might consider a visit to Brimham Rocks mandatory. During the summer, you’ll get a chance to clamber all over the rocks, and to take a dip in the pools, too. It’s worth checking in advance whether you’re able to visit the rocks – since if there’s been heavy rainfall, you might find that they’re closed off to the public.


For seaside fun, it’s difficult to beat Scarborough. It’s a location that’s synonymous with a day at the beach, thanks to its famous attractions and history. There are actually two beaches to enjoy here, but the town also provides a great deal in the way of restaurants, hotels and picturesque little cottages. Be sure to pack a bucket and spade!


Knaresborough is another town with a unique layout and a wealth of historic buildings and attractions. The crown jewel of the place is the viaduct cross the Nidd Gorge, with the River Nidd flowing just beneath. If you’re arriving via train, then the view you’ll enjoy is sure to be a memorable one.

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