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MOJO is raising the bar with progressive staff training

12 July 2022

 The Leeds head office of the Bar group MOJO, is now a BIIAB accredited training centre.

MOJO is renowned for taking staff training to another level, with their annual Bar Olympics in May igniting creativity and solidifying comradery throughout the company. The BIIAB Level 2 Awards for Personal Licence Holders, is now an extension of the company’s extensive training programme.

The company goal is to have all employees, across all six MOJO establishments, receive their personal licence. With eight members of staff qualifying in June and another eight set to start their training in July, MOJO is well on the way to achieving its aim.

Martin Greenhow, MOJO MD, believes that a company is only good as the employees you have behind the stick and therefore it’s crucial to invest in your staffs’ professional development.


Martin Greenhow said:

We hope to equip our teams with the knowledge and tools they need to do the job well and to fully understand alcohol legislation in the UK. We hope this will encourage a shared responsibility and a sense of job satisfaction. Staff are excited and eager to gain their personal licenses, and the company has seen an increase in enthusiasm across the board.

With the UK recognised as one of the industry leaders when it comes to cocktail bars, being a bartender is seen less of a stop gap job but as a serious career and therefore gaining a personal licence is another step forward for many keen bartenders. It’s great to see industry veterans such as MOJO, pioneering a clearer professional path for our future cocktail champions and/or bar owners.

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