Harrogate Spring Water
Harrogate Spring Water

Take part in the Polis Poll on the proposals by Harrogate Spring Water to expand bottling

20 June 2022

Harrogate Spring Water is now majority-owned by Danone and they have said that they intend to pursue expansion plans for their bottling capacity by building on the Rotary Woods area of the Pinewoods.

The development was refused by the Harrogate Planning Committee, but the proposals by HSWL will be a slightly reduced footprint.

Polis Polls are an innovative way of finding out what groups of people think on an issue. It allows further questions to be included in the poll,  and then provides data that can be analysed and consensus identified.

Neil Hind, the Chair of Pinewoods Conservation Group said:

We know this is a very emotive subject, so we need a way to gather some more scientific based views from our members, visitors to the Pinewoods and Harrogate residents.

This system allows people to agree or disagree with statements but also add new statements to express their own feeling on the subject. We hope that this will form a consensus of views that we can then feed into the forthcoming consultation process and planned meetings with Harrogate Spring Water. We would really encourage people to get involved and make their views known.



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