Fewston reservoir
Fewston reservoir

Yorkshire Water to introduce parking charges at Fewston, Swinsty and Thruscross reservoirs


Yorkshire Water is planning to implement parking charges at four of its reservoirs across the region – Fewston, Swinsty and Thruscross in North Yorkshire and Langsett in South Yorkshire.

Planning permission will be sought for the parking meters this month and, if approved, will be installed for a trial period later this year.

Income raised through parking tariffs will be reinvested across Yorkshire Water’s sites to deliver nature conservation, countryside management and improvement of facilities at reservoir sites.

The charges will also contribute towards the first ever in-house Yorkshire Water ranger team, which will include nine area rangers to ensure visitors have a positive experience on site, complete maintenance and tackle anti-social behaviour which poses a threat to people, wildlife and the environment.

Alastair Harvey, lead countryside advisor at Yorkshire Water said:

We know how important our sites are to local communities and visitors alike. We have thought long and hard about the way people use our sites before implementing this trial, as well as considering approaches at similar sites around the country. We believe a small parking fee and increased security will help to dissuade anti-social behaviour, such as fly-tipping, at our sites but also have a long-term positive impact in terms of the projects we can deliver in the future.

Our brand-new, in-house ranger team will be supported as a direct result of introducing these charges and we have a wide range of exciting conservation, community and facilities enhancements lined up for the future.

“We are collaborating with local authorities and local stakeholders to ensure the introduction of these tariffs causes minimal disruption and we will be working hard to ensure all our visitors are aware of the charges before they arrive at our sites.”

Proposed tariffs include:

  • 1 hour – £1
  • 2 hours – £2
  • 6 hours – £3
  • All day – £5
  • Annual pass – £30

Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions have been selected to operate the parking meters. ANPR cameras will be installed at the sites and visitors will be able to pay via card payment on site, the Ring Go app and by telephone. Visitors without means to pay with them can call the phoneline later in the day to pay.


  1. This will undoubtedly reduce visitor numbers are there is a large number of families who are really struggling with their finances at present. Many can’t afford to heat their homes, buy petrol for travelling to work, and put food on the table. Shameful timing! You should be ashamed.

  2. That will ruin everbodies weekend then.
    Nobody will pay and just park anywhere.
    Bad idea Yorkshire Water !!!

  3. I’ve already had to cut down my reservoir visits due to fuel cost, and now a parking fee!
    £1 would be OK – but £3 or more ! Talk about taking away the relaxation element as you have to race back to the car.
    The fee categories/periods are interesting too as it takes most people more than 2h to walk round all but Swinsty.
    Will the annual pass be available at a pro-rata rate for the trial period (how long is the trial period?) and will it cover all the affected reservoirs or will you have to purchase one per reservoir?
    Phone signal is patchy at Thruscross so that will be a problem.

  4. Disgusting. Cars will now park on all the lanes and passing places .Chaos will upon all of us who like to walk these wonderful areas. So we cannot use cash on the Machines so what about honest people like myself who have no card. Greed Greed Greed. You should be ashamed.

  5. Remember when the car parks were closed during lockdown? The road was clogged up with parked cars. This will just make the areas roads dangerous

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